“Huge thank you to Brian Travers!  He made us these home made see-through masks within a day, we are so thankful!  It is a great way to support Kate in any way we can, the masks are very hard for her to understand or have clear communication. When we are out in public anywhere if people are able to lower their mask we have to use sign language which is not a bad thing, but it kind of makes Kate feel a bit sad that she’s not not able to understand spoken language. We are so thankful that Brian was able to create these so quickly for us.”

Kim, GA


“Thank you for thinking the extraordinary. Thinking selflessly for people that need to read lips, people that need to see a smile, for people to see the good. You are the good. I wish there were more people like you on this earth. Hope you are happy and healthy.”

Hayley, PA


”So appreciative for all the positive energy you are putting into the world through your hard work and care for others.  I work as a therapist in a school and have been looking for a mask that will allow me to better convey my care & concern to my students. I’m happy to support you!”

Vanessa, NJ